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Construction Systems – ‘DIY’

Dexion SpeedframeDexion Speedframe

Speedframe is the no-fuss way to build strong frameworks.  Simply cut the tube to length and tap in the joints for a smooth, snag-free structure.  Add a few accessories and the framework becomes a bench, a trolley or display stand – all made to measure.  Speedframe allows you to design and build your own frameworks, or if you prefer we can prefabricate the units for you and assemble them on site.

Dexion Slotted Angle

Slotted Angle has been around for over 60 years so it’s difficult to imagine a world without it.   Used worldwide for benches, shelving, safety screens, access platforms, fire barriers, security cages, jigs, test rigs and 1001 other applications – it’s the indispensable, do everything construction system.

Key Clamp

Key Clamp is a galvanised tube, and for this reason is generally used externally and in an industrial environment.  It is useful for making your own handrail and barrier systems to guard machinery or around plant.  It can be cut to the sizes you require and bolted to the floor for safety and stability.


Unistrut metal framing is a channel section which is an alternative and flexible support system.  It eliminates any drilling or welding, it’s demountable and reusable and is easily adjusted.  It is connected together using hex-head bolt threads, which are fixed into a spring nut.  The nut teeth create a strong grip when tightened against the inturned channel edges.

For more information on any of our ‘DIY’ Construction Systems, please contact us and we will be happy to help.