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Did you know, one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to reorganise an interior space is using partitioning?

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Whether you’re looking to change your office layout to support a growing department, or are seeking a partitioning system to support warehouse operations, we offer a range of office and warehouse partitioning systems for premises of all shapes and sizes.

The HMF way

  • Accuracy in design We use advanced AutoCAD programs to determine the level of design and space planning for your project, ensuring it reflects your business identity throughout.
  • Partitioning that works around you We also take into account durability as a key element as well as acoustic comfort. We’ll look at your individual business requirements and provide a stylish yet practical interior that works with your budget, timeline and operational requirements.
  • High quality, practical and safe Our partitioning systems are designed to appeal to those within the working environment whilst ensuring that they’re manufactured to meet the very highest standards of safety.
  • A seamless installation service We’ll oversee the complete installation for you. Whether you’re opting for a full office refurbishment or simply the installation of a sliding or folding wall system, we’ll manage your project from start to finish.

Office partitioning systems

Looking to change the layout of your office space? Partitioning can be a great way to improve your layout, boost employee comfort and productivity and optimise your existing space.

There are so many different ways to remodel and repurpose an office with partitioning.

Office partition wall ideas:

  • Create separate offices such as executives' offices
  • Divide up a larger room or mezzanine floor to create smaller separate offices
  • Create meeting rooms or collaborative workspaces
  • Create breakout rooms or employee facilities such as kitchenettes

Design an exceptional office space when choosing from our great range of office partitioning solutions.

Glass Office Partitions

Modern in design, this elegant flush-glazed look is one of the most popular types of office partitioning.

HMF supplies and installs a range of single and double-glazed office partitions which can incorporate Venetian blinds, providing greater privacy. And, there’s plenty of room for corporate personalisation when including your company logo or branding on manifestations, used on glazed partitioning systems and doors to satisfy the statutory requirements within Building Regulations Document M. Full-height and half-height glass office partitions are available, both still maintaining a ½ hour and 1-hour fire resistance if required.

Stud Partitioning

A cost-effective, yet seamless office partitioning solution.

Solid walls are created by tape and jointing the plasterboard removing the need for partitioning trims. This creates a smooth appearance before decorating, easily blending in with your existing walls. This system can be fire-rated and is often used in boardrooms and meeting rooms. Stud partitioning is available in a range of wall thicknesses as required for height, sound or fire rating purposes.

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Relocatable Partitioning

A dynamic, flexible partitioning solution.

Relocatable partitioning is 50mm, 75mm or 100mm thick and has a wide variety of panel configurations and finishes available. Being fully relocatable, it can provide the flexibility to adapt to your working environment. It is a quality system that adds a stylish look to the planning of your interior space. It is specially designed to accommodate fast track installations and can be non-fire rated or up to 1-hour fire rated.

Jumbo Stud Partitioning

Find a suitable partition for greater heights.

They are specially designed to accommodate wind pressure loadings, wall height, fire ratings and acoustic ratings. The boards can be finished with tape and jointing to give a seamless smooth effect. Painted aluminium trims can be used as an alternative method.

Folding partition walls and sliding walls

Create flexible spaces with folding partition walls and sliding folding walls.

If flexibility is important, why not create a dynamic space with folding and moving partitions? HMF design and install a wide range of folding and sliding partition wall systems. These are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for versatility in a dynamic solution that enables you to change the size and use of your space quickly and easily.

Sliding walls and doors can be either top-hung or floor-supported and designed to offer sound reductions from 25dB to 48 dB. They are ideal in a vast range of environments and can be used for a wide variety of applications including meeting rooms, auditoriums, leisure centres, libraries and event venues. We can supply the panels in a variety of finishes to suit your environment and budget.

Mesh and steel partitioning systems

Discover a range of steel and mesh partitioning systems, ideal for warehouse and industrial environments.

Steel partitioning systems

Robust partitioning for industrial and warehouse environments.

Steel Partitioning is typically used in an industrial or production environment or for clean room applications. We can provide a number of single and double-skin steel partitioning solutions and machine guarding. Depending on your application, choose from either steel or glass panels.

Mesh partitioning

A safe and secure partitioning design.

Steel mesh partitioning enables products to be stored and protected, but still viewed. It is an ideal application for the use of storing hazardous goods and high-value security products.

Mesh partitioning is a cost-effective solution that is relatively simple to install, demount and relocate. It is suitable for external use when hot dip galvanized, in cold refrigerant rooms and in warehouse and production environments.

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