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HMF has over 35 years of experience in helping businesses to get more out of their premises. We specialise in designing, installing and maintaining mezzanine floors for commercial and industrial settings. Our service is centred around providing a value-driven, quality turnkey solution that works to meet the needs of changing, growing and expanding businesses.

Commercial and industrial mezzanine floor systems

A highly customisable, space-creating and optimising solution suitable for a range of industrial and commercial settings.

Warehouse mezzanine floors

Discover how a mezzanine floor could be used to create more storage, office or packing space in your warehouse.

Industrial mezzanine floor

Find out more about mezzanine floors designed specifically for industrial, factory and plant settings.

Retail mezzanine floors

Expand your shop floor or upgrade your in-store shopping experience when exploring what a retail mezzanine floor could have to offer.

Office mezzanine floors

Additional workstations, new breakout rooms, meeting and conference space or staff facilities; find out how a mezzanine floor could work in your office.

Mezzanine floor maintenance

From mezzanine floor surveys and inspection works to repairs and relocations, find out how we can support you with your existing structure.

Your mezzanine floor contractor of choice

HMF provide a full turnkey mezzanine floor installation service. Our end-to-end solution means you can rely on us as your principal contractor to manage and complete all works on your mezzanine floor. Save time and money on your next mezzanine floor installation with HMF.

Managing your installation from start to finish, we make the process as easy and as cost-effective as possible.

As experienced specialists, we work with you at each stage of the process, ensuring you have the information required to make the right decisions for your business. Your assigned Project Manager will operate as your single point of contact.

HMF will:

  • Coordinate the sourcing and organisation of contractors
  • Ensure mezzanine floor building regulations are met
  • Support with mezzanine floor planning permission if required
  • Lead the design process
  • Manage the final installation

A complete mezzanine floor fit-out services

We work to your bespoke requirements and, based on the needs of your business, can incorporate various fit-out services into your installation:

  • Mezzanine floor accessories
  • Racking and shelving storage
  • Partition walls
  • Commercial flooring
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Mechanical and electrical installations

Recent mezzanine installation and fit-out projects

A mezzanine floor is considered an intermediate level, or floor, between the main floors of a building and the ceiling. These structures are commonly found in business premises such as offices, warehouses and retail spaces, where wasted vertical space has been used to create more floor space. The height of the floor will depend entirely on the height of your ceiling and specifications. Mezzanine floors are a highly customisable solution that can include single or multiple tiers, varying load bearings from 3.5kN/m² to loads in excess of 9.6kN/m², in addition to a multitude of fit-out features and accessories. The majority of the mezzanine floors fitted by HMF are free-standing structures that are not fixed to the fabric of the building. However, we can arrange for this where necessary. We design mezzanine floors for all manner of applications. Whatever your requirement is, we’re sure we can find a solution.
Mezzanine floors offer a versatile solution for creating more space. Often, when faced with the need for more space, businesses consider relocating or undertaking significant building works to adapt their premises. However, mezzanine floor installation is a third option that can help to overcome premises limitations.   A mezzanine floor can be installed quickly. All of the fabrication work occurs away from your business premises. The mezzanine floor is delivered and assembled by our professional team of experts. We’ll work around your business and employees to reduce disruption where possible.   When compared to relocation and physical building extension works, the mezzanine floor is often deemed as a more cost and time-effective solution. Many HMF clients have chosen us to create individual office spaces, staff break-out areas, meeting rooms as well as additional storage and manufacturing areas that work in conjunction with business growth and changes. Rather than navigating the disruption and financial ties associated with building an extension on-premises or moving to an entirely new location, installation of a mezzanine floor is a fantastic way to optimise the use of space you are already paying to heat and light.   Most freestanding mezzanine floors can be dismounted and moved. This is particularly useful if growth demands a reconfiguration of space or an eventual move to a new location. Depending on the specification of your mezzanine, this means your installation can move with you and can even be expanded.
All of our prices are based on the needs and requirements of your mezzanine floor construction project. We advise you get in touch with a member of the team who will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Most weight loadings can be accommodated with a Hampshire Mezzanine Floor structure, from light office occupation to the heaviest of industrial applications. All our floors are custom-designed to ensure suitability to your requirements.
There is no standard height for a mezzanine floor. Each floor will be designed to suit your requirements and use applications. However sensible health and safety considerations and practical constraints will always be addressed by Hampshire Mezzanine Floors to ensure a cost-effective and workable design is achieved.
This is a common question. Hampshire Mezzanine Floors recommends that Building Regulations are applied for. We are very experienced in getting approval in a quick and painless process, ensuring that the mezzanine floor complies with the relevant BRE Digest 437 codes and meets Building Regulations Approval. Planning Approval is not normally required unless there are specific restrictions on the premises or a planning stipulation based on usage. Additionally, Hampshire Mezzanine Floors can also help with the planning process if required.
The installation of a mezzanine is a quick and simple process as all the fabrication work is carried out away from your premises. The mezzanine floor is delivered as a complete kit that is then assembled at your premises.
Hampshire Mezzanine Floors will minimise disruption to you and your company by planning the best logistics of installation and timing. We have been installing mezzanine floors nationally for over 26 years, which means we have considerable project management experience.
HMF can provide a complete turnkey package for office fit-outs, storage solutions, production and retail applications. We’ll organise all other trades including partitioning, fire protection, lighting, fire alarm systems, shelving, conveyors and lifts. Hampshire Mezzanine Floor can provide full project management from small floor-only installations to major building refurbishments, saving time and money on external consultants and surveyors.
Most landlords will need you to inform them of any proposed works and will normally require confirmation that Building Regulations Approval will be obtained by the contractors. Hampshire Mezzanine Floors can provide specification layouts for your landlord if required.
No. Hampshire Mezzanine Floor provides a top-quality, custom-designed floor which complies with current BRE Digest 437 and Building Regulations, at a competitive price.
Hampshire Mezzanine Floors operatives are fully insured and trained to operate the required plant and equipment and are certified to nationally approved standards. We are Alcumus Safe Contractor approved and comply with ISO 9001 standards of practice.

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