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On the search for an efficient racking storage system for your warehouse, factory or commercial property? HMF has over 35 years of experience installing pallet racking in a diverse range of commercial settings.

Pallet racking installations with HMF

Pallet racking systems are designed to store pallets that are usually accessed via forklift trucks. This storage equipment is often used in a range of warehouses and industrial settings by businesses seeking reliable and efficient solutions for organising pallets of materials in a way that increases storage capacity by use of vertical space. We install an efficient system that works around your space, whilst supporting the needs of your business. There really is no one system that suits all when it comes to pallet racking. We offer a vast range of pallet racking types designed for different styles of inventory and operational processing.

Why HMF?

  • A leading pallet racking installation specialist
  • Quality systems carefully designed to offer maximum efficiency
  • Flexible solutions that accommodate a range of storage requirements

Adjustable pallet racking

  • A versatile pallet racking option
  • Can be configured to use the full height of your building
  • Multiple accessories are available to maximise storage density & safety

Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR) is one of the most common forms of pallet racking. It is highly versatile and is designed to be utilised with a number of types of fork lift trucks.

The different selection of beam designs means that APR pallet racking can accommodate a variety of pallet weights and loads. Typical bay profiles of APR are comprised of 2.7m wide beams to accommodate two No 1200mm x 1000mm pallets or 3 No Euro Pallets 1200mm x 800mm. The frames are either 900mm deep or 1100mm, depending on pallet types. These can be stored up to 10m high, and depending on the height of pallets, typically between two and four beam levels.

If you use pallets that are non-standard or you have drums, reels of cable, rolls of carpets or other non-standard loads, APR can be designed to suit, with a full range of accessories to satisfy all requirements.

Our experienced installation teams can install your pallet racking safety to your exact requirements.

Narrow aisle pallet racking

  • High-density storage for condensed spaces
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Use alongside Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) forklifts
  • Ideal for high-roofed warehouses and commercial properties

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking is designed for dedicated fork trucks that are used to working within reduced gangways. They help to increase the efficiency of warehouse space and the available cubic volume to provide an effective storage solution.

These systems are best suited to medium to large installations, where accessing the most pallets is critical. Where narrow aisle racking is required, the Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks can be wired, guide rail or articulated dependant on the specification required. Pallets can only be accessed using VNA equipment, helping to increase the security of inventory and the safety of staff.

We can provide a range of additional products and services alongside your narrow aisle pallet racking installation including barriers, route separators, anti-collapse mesh and signage, aisle markers and beam labels.

Push back racking

  • A FILO pallet racking system
  • Fast access with any type of forklift
  • A great solution for keeping track of stock levels
  • Ideal for bulk storage with a predictable turnover

Push Back Racking is designed for pallets stored in blocks, typically three or four high, or three or four deep. This system works by positioning the pallets onto telescopic carriages, which are pushed back when the next pallet is offered into location. When the pallet at the front is removed, the pallet behind will roll to the front.

This efficient form of storage can be accessed for either locating or retrieving pallets by any type of fork truck. It is commonly used for collating a particular product or pallet type in goods out area or when awaiting dispatch.

It is also a great option if space is a premium and when the number of pallets does not make a Narrow Aisle rack option viable due to the additional cost of the narrow aisle fork trucks.

You are required to ensure that the pallets are consistent in size and that there is no loading overhang on the pallets.

Live pallet racking

  • A system that works with conventional forklift
  • Allows for fast picking
  • A space-saving solution that only requires two dedicated lanes to work

Live pallet racking is a system whereby pallets travel along an inclined track under the force of gravity.

This racking system works by using a forklift truck to load pallets from the back. Pallets roll forward and are then picked, in order, from the front of the rack, creating an efficient ‘first in, first out’ storage solution.

It is similar to push-back racking, apart from stock being loaded in one aisle and removed from the next. The tracks can be installed in a side-by-side format and can be tiered vertically to produce a very dense block of storage.

Drive-in racking

  • A FILO pallet storage system
  • A cost-effective approach to storing uniform pallets
  • Makes use of the full height and floor space of a warehouse
  • Uses a standard forklift

This system works by accessing the pallets via a standard forklift, saving time and cost on investing in specialist equipment. The forklift drives into the block of racking from one side to retrieve or load a pallet. It is a great solution if maximum pallet density is required by making use of space both vertically and horizontally.

Double deep pallet racking

  • Ideal for long-term inventory storage
  • Stores 2 or 4 pallets deep down aisles
  • Increases storage density
  • Ideal for aisle widths 2.5 - 4.0 metres

Double Deep Racking is most suitable for product lines that do not require full access, or where pallets can be stored long-term. Popular applications include document archive storage. They are an effective application for reducing gangways by up to 50%, by using forklift trucks that have been specially adapted to pick up deposit pallets two-deep.

Pallet rack safety inspections

In addition to installing pallet racking structures, we’re also able to provide rack safety inspections in accordance with the guidelines set out by S.E.M.A and relevant British Standards.

Bespoke pallet racking installations

We offer a range of accessories and customisable options to ensure that your pallet racking installation works to meet the needs and requirements of your business.

Over Rack Platform Installations are storage platforms that have been designed with walkways to provide a pedestrian picking aisle. They are raised storage areas on top of rack platform installations and are ideal for warehouses where space is limited, yet height is available. Over-rack platforms are a great solution if you require a safe bulk area that can be accessed by forklift trucks, as well as a small parts storage, or picking area.
If you’re considering how products will be transported to and from the storage areas to dispatch areas, we offer a range of conveyors, goods lifts and pallet access gates for you to consider. Additionally, we will advise on suitable access and means of escape so that your installation is compliant with fire protection and Building Regulations.
We offer pallet racking accessories for all brands of pallet racking to satisfy all storage applications, ensuring non-standard loads are stored in a safe and efficient way, including:
  • Post pallet channels
  • Steel, mesh or timber shelf and decking panels
  • Coil and drum holders
  • Pallet support bars
  • Fork entry bars
  • Anti-collapse mesh
  • Pallet backstops
  • Row spacers
  • Load notices and aisle markers
  • Column guards and rack protection
Our team are on hand to support your pallet design processes, offering guidance on the best accessories for your pallet racking storage applications.

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Pallet racking installation with HMF

HMF want you to get the very best out of your new racking solution. We believe in giving all of our customers the best possible service and are committed to supporting you to find a solution that meets your business needs.

It is important that you determine the best system to maximise the use of your installation. Your choice of pallet racking will be determined by:

  • The quantity and size of pallets in combination
  • The level of access required
  • How your products are stored

Our pallet racking team will carry out a full site survey before undertaking any work.

For more information or to get a quote and arrange a site survey, please contact us and we’ll go through everything with you.

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