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Discover a range of commercial racking and shelving systems

Whether operating in a warehouse, retail premises or an office, at HMF we strive to ensure all our clients get the most efficient use out of their commercial or industrial space. Getting your storage systems right is key to this.

Racking and shelving solutions you can rely on for commercial or industrial

HMF specialise in helping businesses to achieve safe and effective storage spaces. We understand how important efficient and safe storage systems are to businesses, and are on hand with a range of quality and cost-effective commercial racking and shelving systems and solutions that work to support the needs of your business.

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  • Organisation of inventory Revamp your storage, adapt for changes in stock or find a better system to manage your inventory.
  • Efficiency maximised Find a cost-effective storage system that works to support your day-to-day operational flow whilst reducing errors.
  • Safety sorted Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by choosing a safe and reliable racking or shelving system that can be surveyed, maintained and repaired by an approved installer.

Discover a range of racking and shelving solutions designed to accommodate different businesses and premises. Whether you're seeking storage for documents, archives and office equipment or in need of industrial pallet racking or picking systems that can be accessed by forklifts, our specialist storage optimisation and installation team are here to help.

Pallet racking and accessories

Pallet storage options include drive-in racking, adjustable pallet racking, narrow aisle pallet racking and dynamic gravity roller racking. All of these industrial racking systems are ideal for larger warehouses that rely on forklift trucks to move stock around.

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking is ideal for stock and inventory that cannot be easily stored on pallets. It enables vertical storage of heavier items. We can supply and install cantilever racking internally or externally.

Commercial and industrial shelving solutions

Discover a range of commercial shelving solutions suitable for warehouses, offices and other commercial and industrial premises. From vertical carousel machines and carton live shelving to industrial shelving systems, specialist automotive shelving and shelving accessories, we can help you find quality shelving solutions to meet the needs of your business operations.

Find better storage with HMF

Designing an appropriate storage solution

HMF will work closely with your business to understand your needs and storage challenges. We’ll address the current state of the premises and, from there, we’ll recommend the most effective storage solution for your specific commercial usage and budget and design a system that works around your space and needs.

Choose a quality system every time

We supply only high-quality installations from a large range of racking manufacturers.

Qualified racking and shelving installation

Our experienced and qualified team will install your new racking and shelving system. HMF is ISO 9001:2015 accredited. We’re committed to providing a quality, efficient and safe racking and shelving installation service.

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Racking and shelving case studies

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Our racking and shelving installation and inspection services are available to businesses large and small operating across the South Coast. We take a site-survey-first approach which ensures that we fully understand your business needs and specifications. For more information, to get a quote or to arrange a site survey, please get in contact via the contact form below.

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