Over Rack Platform

Dexion Over Rack Platform Installations are used where a storage platform or pedestrian picking aisles are created from a pallet racking installation where the racking supports the walkways or raised storage area.

Some warehouse applications require a safe bulk area accessed by fork lift trucks and they also require a small parts storage or picking area. Where space is limited and height is available a over rack platform installation can be the best solution.

Multi Tier 5Hampshire Mezzanine Floors can advise on suitable access and means of escape and fire protection to ensure these installations can comply with Building Regulations whilst being efficient storage solutions.

Consideration also needs to be given how to get products up to the working or storage areas and back down to dispatch areas. Conveyors, good lifts and pallet access gates are all used in these situations.

Hampshire Mezzanine Floors can carry out safety surveys and provide a full rack repair service to existing over rack platform applications.

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