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Drive In Racking

Drive In Racking

Hampshire Mezzanine Floors supply the P90 Dexion Drive-in model. Drive-in racking is commonly used when the pallet and load profile is uninformed, and a ‘first in, last out’ system is applicable.

This system works by accessing the pallets via forklift. The forklift drives into the block of racking from one side to retrieve or load a pallet. Any forklift can access the racking. It is a great solution if maximum pallet density is required by making use of space both vertically and horizontally.

The HMF service

Hampshire Mezzanine Floors offer a Rack Safety Survey. This involves conducting a safety check on current racking installations as well as offering safety tips, such as truck barriers and anti-collapse mesh.

For further information on Drive In Racking, please contact us to arrange a site survey.