Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR)

Adjustable Pallet RackingDexion Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR) is the most common form of pallet racking. Any type of pallet can be accommodated on APR and ordinary Counter Balance and Reach trucks can pick from this type of racking.

The typical bay profile of APR is comprised of 2.7m wide beams to accommodate 2 No 1200mm x 1000mm pallets or 3 No Euro Pallets 1200mm x 800mm. The Frames are either 900mm deep or 1100mm depending on pallet types. These can be stored up to 7.5m high, depending on height of pallets, typically being between 2 and 4 beam levels.

APR can accommodate all weights of pallets by using different sections of Beams designed to support the correct pallet weights.

If your pallets are non standard or you have drums, reels of cable, rolls of carpets or other non standard loads, APR can be designed to suit, with a full range of accessories to satisfy all requirements.

APR 5Hampshire Mezzanine Floors as a Dexion Storage Centre work in partnership with Dexion, the largest and most popular Racking manufacturer in the world to provide cost effective Pallet Racking Solutions for all types of business. Hampshire Mezzanine Floors stock Dexion Mark III and P90 Pallet Racking and with our Dexion Qualified Installation teams we can install a full racking installation often within days.

Hampshire Mezzanine Floors also carry out rack safety surveys and rack repairs to all brands of racking and we can advise on health and safety requirements such as Barriers, Anti-Collapse Mesh and correct load notice requirements.

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