What is a Mezzanine Floor?

mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors are an intermediate level or floor between main floors in a building, they are most commonly found in business premises such as offices, warehouses and retail spaces. Mezzanine flooring is ideal to create an individual office, a staff break-out area or even just additional storage space to help your business grow.

The majority of the mezzanine floors fitted by HMF are free-standing structures that are not fixed to the fabric of the building. However, we can arrange for this where necessary. We design mezzanine floors for all sorts of applications, so whatever your requirement is, we’re sure we can meet it. The loading of these floors can range from 3.5kN/m² to loads in excess of 9.6kN/m² and are designed by us to suit your individual business needs.

“We have been delighted with the top quality service that we have enjoyed from HMF Ltd. They have assisted us every step of the way, were endlessly patient as we finalised our exact requirements and then delivered a top quality product with amazing speed.”

James Freeman, Chairman of Friends of King Alfred Buses

mezzanine floorFire protection – know the rules

Mezzanine floors, storage platforms or raised floors are used exclusively for storage and can be particularly cost effective – which is ideal if you’re on a tight budget. They can also receive dispensation from building control bodies for the need to fire rate, drastically cutting your costs, so if you need more storage, this is the perfect option.

If you are using your mezzanine floor for workstations and offices, or if the general public will have access to it as part of a retail store, you need to ensure you have the right fire protection. The rating requires one hour for each of the elements including the suspended ceiling, fascia protection to any exposed edges of the floor and the column casings. This might sound a little bit complicated, but at HMF we will advise you on exactly what fire protection you need to ensure you satisfy the latest building regulations.

Making expansion easy

Making the decision to expand your premises by fitting a mezzanine floor might seem like a daunting task, but at Hampshire Mezzanine Floors we make everything easy. As experienced specialists, we’ll go through each stage of the process with you, ensuring you’re fully clued up and can make the right decision for your business. This includes everything from design, approval, to final installation, allowing you to realise the full potential of your building.

What can HMF offer you?

A3M Before


A3M After


1 (43) (Large)Check out our before and after pictures to see just how much difference a mezzanine floor can make to your premises. We can offer you new storage areas, additional workspace for staff or even just a chill out zone where your team can go to relax. Whatever you need, HMF can tailor it accordingly and give you the mezzanine that you’ve been looking for.

Also, watch our timelapse video to see how quickly a quality mezzanine floor can installed in a commercial space like yours.

For more information about our services or to book a survey please contact us. We’ll be happy to go through everything with you, ensuring you get the right sort of mezzanine floor for your business.