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CDM Regulations

CDMConstruction Design Management (CDM) is a requirement under the health and safety legislation at work to provide a framework for the safe installation of building projects within the construction industry.

Projects qualify for this type of safety management, based on their duration on site and the number of operatives involved in the project. Also the risk level of the proposed work being undertaken.

Hampshire Mezzanine Floor as Principle Contractor, will undertake the full CDM on your project providing all necessary documentation to administrate the safety plan.

Hampshire Mezzanine Floor will act as the CDM coordinator to ensure that all sub contractors provide adequate safety risk and method statements, COSHH details and general operational information.

Hampshire Mezzanine Floor will compile a CDM manual, which will include the main safety plan, risk and method statements, F10 notification, fire and emergency lighting test certification and operation and maintenance information.

Hampshire Mezzanine Floors consider CDM to be a positive step forward on improved safety as the framework encompasses the need to identify safety at the design stage, thereby recognising future maintenance and access procedures.