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Tadano are a specialist heavy duty crane hire company providing off road crane applications to the industrial sector.

When Tadano purchased Terex Demag and took over their Aylesbury site they had the task of moving an older site down to the new Aylesbury site & they needed to create space quickly.

With 2 mezzanine floors installed by Hampshire Mezzanine Floors already on the site, the obvious solution was to call Hampshire Mezzanine and get them to extend their 2 existing mezzanine floors.

After a site survey was carried out a plan was hatched and drawings prepared. Whilst this was being done a solution to storing their bulk palletised goods was established with the solution for HMF to install some PSS pallet racking at the same time as the mezzanine.

With the pallet racking being located near the exposed edges of the mezzanine floor, protecting the workforce was a major safety priority so anti-collapse mesh was to be fitted to the back of the pallet Racking to prevent goods being pushed off the back.

Hampshire Mezzanine also provided new LED lighting and emergency lighting to ensure that the installation was compliant with current Building Regulations and Hampshire Mezzanine administered the Building Regulations application on Tadano’s behalf. The mezzanine floors being less than 20m in any direction and only for storage purposes were able to be installed without costly fire protection cladding.

The 2 mezzanine floors also had their staircases relocated to suit Tadano’s parts department requirements and an additional counterbalance pallet gate was also installed to provide safe access to the mezzanine floor to accept large goods.

The mezzanine floors and pallet racking were installed in just over a week, with Hampshire Mezzanine project managing the health and safety of the contractors to ensure the site was kept safe at all times.