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Hampshire Mezzanine Floors have a longstanding association with Physique Management Company originally fitting out their last building over 25 years ago.

More recently in 2017 HMF returned to extend their warehouse operation & modify the mezzanine offices.

This year Physique secured a new high specification building in close proximity to their previous facility which was recently constructed & has 10m high eaves within the warehouse allowing future potential for extremely high density of storage.

HMF provided a plan for the new offices complete with a mezzanine extension to the concrete floor in the building. As Principal Contractor, HMF designed all the electrical & mechanical installations working with their specialist sub contractors.

The new warehouse had LED lighting which was designed now to enable the pallet racking being installed to be extended in height in the future. Other types of LED lighting were specified throughout the building with PIR switching to most of the ground & first floor office/welfare facility areas.

HMF installed 11m high jumbo stud partitioning on the edge of the mezzanine floor which ran up from the mezzanine level to the roof using heavy duty studwork.

1 hour fire resisting was fitted to the new mezzanine including 1 hour column casings, 1 hour fascia & 1 hour suspended ceilings.

New toilet facilities were provided as well as a rest room to the ground floor & new first floor offices were installed using high specification full height double glazed windows with integral venetian blinds.

A new meeting room & 2 additional separate offices were created with a new heat recovery ventilation system & also high spec air conditioning systems.

The pallet racking installed at their new premises was part new with the remainder being relocated from Physique Management’s existing warehouse. HMF designed the new pallet racking to be installed with 8m high racking which has been designed to be extended in height to 10m in the future to enable a maximum storage height of around 12m to the highest pallet. HMF provided labour at the weekend to relocate the racking & the installation was completed on programme.