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Hampshire Mezzanine Floors re-sited a mezzanine floor & racking to a new unit in Farnborough, Hampshire during the Covid pandemic with no issues.

When Bubblegum Balloons wanted to re-site to a much larger unit on the same estate in Farnborough, they turned once again to Hampshire Mezzanine Floors. HMF having originally installed the mezzanine floor 2 years earlier knew the complexities & challenges that this would require.

As the mezzanine was positioned in the busy warehouse & packing area it was decided that the project should be done over a long weekend to minimise disruption to the client as they were very busy during the pandemic.

The mezzanine floor & pallet racking were dismantled & re-sited in a 7 day programme with HMF organising everything from plant to safely dismantle & re-erect the mezzanine floor, transport between the 2 sites, lighting, emergency lighting & fire alarm works including stripping out the existing fittings & re-using at the new site. This also included making the existing building safe & re-installing the fire alarm ready for the new tenants.

The mezzanine itself was modified on site to fit the new building with a bay of joists being cut down & re-drilled to narrow the floor where the goods in door was positioned. The mezzanine floor also had to be cut around some building piers to ensure a good fit.

The project went very smoothly & all works were done in a Covid safe manner, with the mezzanine fitters on site being a Father & Son team enabling them to travel to site together safely in the same van & living in a Covid bubble certainly helped.

Now Bubblegum Balloons have moved into their larger unit & their business is booming, they have now placed an order with Hampshire Mezzanine Floors to extend the mezzanine floor & fit a new goods lift to cope with their expansion plans.