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Garmin supply & manufacture innovative GPS technology across diverse markets including aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation, tracking & mobile apps.

They wished to form a secure working environment in their warehouse area to grow a new business function that had outgrown an office area on the ground floor of their UK headquarters in Southampton.

HMF provided the solution to their needs by removing some existing 8.0m high pallet racking and then installing a 3.0m high secure mesh partition system with twin sets of locking doors to the area to enable stock to be delivered into the production and packing  area and to restrict production and packing staff from entering the main warehouse area.


HMF had to ensure the new enclosure worked alongside the client using their articulating fork lift trucks and also encompassed re-siting fork lift barriers and anti-collapse mesh to the remaining pallet racking.

All of the installations were installed alongside Garmin’s normal operations so that they suffered no loss of production & output.

The new installation has allowed the client to install a new efficient picking and packing area thus allowing Garmin to meet increased demand for that business function.

The 3.0m high mesh partition system was completed on schedule and the overall programme was on target and came in on budget.